blood orange sorbet

the ice cream aisle at my local whole foods can be deceiving.  it seems like it’s stocked up with a plenitude of flavors, but i’ve spent countless times standing before it trying to find something as simple as green mint chocolate chip ice cream or green tea ice cream that’s not soy, or goat milk, or hemp, or yogurt based). and, for the 3-4 flavors of ciao bella gelato that we do buy (and a lot of), they are more often than not, out of stock in those flavors. the situation had gotten so “dire” that i even sent in a lovely note to their suggestion box.  they didn’t add the flavors that i wanted, but they did re-stock the ciao bella flavors that i liked.  that last for about a week before pent-up demand (i swear, it’s not just us buying it all up — though we probably account for an unusually high percentage) depleted their stock again.

the “out of stock” gelato situation happened again this past week, and i decided that i’d just make my own blood orange sorbet, rather than rely on whole foods for a consistent supply.

as it turns out, the recipe couldn’t be simpler (definitely easier than ice creams), plus i could regulate the amount of sugar in the mix.  hubby, who is the main consumer of the blood orange variety in our house, thought that my version was less sweet compared to ciao bella’s recipe.  [as a side note, i have ordered their new recipe book and can do the sugar comparison when i get it].

Blood Orange Sorbet
(makes 1 pint)

Blood Orange Juice 2 cups (or 500 ml) + some additional for dissolving sugar.  [I buy the fresh squeezed stuff in the WF produce section]
Sugar 1/3 cup + 1 to 2 tbsp (80-90g)
  1. Pour sugar into a small sauce pan.  Cover the sugar with a thin layer of juice.
  2. Melt the sugar over  medium heat, constantly stirring.
  3. When sugar has dissolved, pour in 2 cups of blood orange juice.
  4. Cool to room temperature, and then store in refrigerator until ready for ice cream maker.
  5. To make sorbet, pour the liquid into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. My ice cream maker produces a very soft sorbet.  I let it harden in the refrigerator afterwards.

3 responses to “blood orange sorbet

  1. great post! I love Ciao Bella (esp. Coconut) — I`m excited to hear what you have to say about their new book….can`t wait!

    • tomatointribeca

      Thanks! I’m supposed to receive the book in a week…will let you know if there’s anything worthwhile in it.

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