field trip to sono baking company

i purchased john barricelli’s baking book a few weeks back.  it was filled with such wonderful recipes that i convinced  hubby, g and i to take a little field trip up to his bakery south norwalk, ct. it’s about an hour drive from downtown manhattan.  the bakery itself is a full-fledged commercial facility located in what looks like an old warehouse/factory space from the outside.  i could smell flour while walking past its loading dock space.  once inside, the bakery is arranged rather cheerfully with yellow walls, brightly lit pastry cases for delicate cakes and off white wooden counters topped with granite for the freshly baked croissants and tarts.   i couldn’t decided what i wanted what inside.  should i get cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, a tomato tartlet, an almond croissant or the whole store?  i ended up buying (1) an apricot, pistachio and almond cream tart and (2) a plum filled tart. they were both quite delicious, although i preferred the apricot tart.  (as you can see, i sneaked a bite before remembering to snap a photo).

i did find somewhat remarkable that john so generously included in his book the recipes for so many of the baked goods actually sold at his store.  i will certainly be baking up some of his recipes that i didn’t get around to at home.

sono baking company also offers breakfast and lunch options, like omelets, eggs, sandwiches and soups — though the offerings tend to be more limited on sundays.  there’s some indoor and outdoor seating — strictly self-service. large windows are installed towards the back of the store, allowing us to peak in at the bakers at work.  while there, we watched on one of the bakers roll and shape croissants — talk about speedy!  — and i saw perhaps one of the largest stand mixers i’ve ever set my eyes upon.  commercial baking is a whole different animal from home baking.

Sono Baking Company
101 Water Street
Norwalk, CT 06854-3012
(203) 847-7666

Mon 7am-3pm
Tue-Sat 7am-5pm
Sun 7am-4pm

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