covent garden japanese kit kat sighting

a few weeks back, i found myself wandering down garrick street headed towards the paul bakery covent garden branch.  i wanted to get a slice of their apricot tart. while en route, i passed by a store window featuring of all things — the japanese kit kat.  it felt not too different, i suppose, from a chance meeting utterly unplanned with an old friend, who lived on the other side of the world, while vacationing in bora bora.

“oh hello! konnichiwa!  is that you?  what are you doing here? what’s been going on in your life?”

“what? you’ve been busy i see!  two new flavours? soy mochi and vegetable!  how delightful!”

well, i better sign off now before they drag me off to the looney bin for having a conversation with a candy bar.

here’s the address in case anyone is interested in picking up the dialogue:

3 Garrick Street
London WC2E 9BF, United Kingdom
0845 838 0958

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