tsukiji market: sushi at the source

hubby and i made it to tsukiji market early on a wednesday morning.  it was packed — much more so than i recall during my last visit there a few years back.  we went on december 30, and the next day the market would be closed  for new year’s eve celebrations.  it seemed as if everyone in tokyo was rushing to the market to load-up on supplies for new year’s or to pack in the last sushi fix of 2009.  every single restaurant had a line of 20 people queueing up for sushi.  we picked what seemed like the shortest line, and still waited about 45 minutes before we got our seats at the counter.

we ordered the omakase menu, which consisted of the chef’s selection of 10 nigiri pieces.  the sushi chef cycled through the 10 pieces of nigiri in quick order.  it was probably the most efficient sushi serving operation i’ve experienced.  sitdown, pop in chu-toro, followed by otoro, ika, uni, aji, maguro, tai, botan ebi, mirugai and toro.  the rice on each piece of nigiri was lightly packed, sweet and tangy.  freshness apparent, we could not detect even the faintest trace of fishiness.  each piece melted in our mouth.  i wish we had ordered a few extra pieces at the end of our meal, but we really did have to dash off to catch our flight at narita.

hubby and i hit a japanese restaurant when we go back to nyc.  it used to be one of our favorites.  let’s just say that i may not be able to eat sushi again in nyc for at least a few more months, until the experience at tsukiji has subsided from my taste memory.


2 responses to “tsukiji market: sushi at the source

  1. I remember when I was at Tsukiji – all bleary and tired after the night bus from Osaka. But the sushi was amazing!

    • tomatointribeca

      it’s one of those must do things, no? i imposed a 1 month no sushi policy in nyc for fear that no nyc sushi joint could compare with the freshness at tsukiji. although, interestingly enough, i’ve been reading this book on sushi, and the writer states that sushi, especially tuna, needs to age for a few days otherwise it is too tough to consume.

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