japanese kit kat

happy new year! can’t believe it’s a new decade already.  fittingly, i’ve decided to start off the decade with a posting on japanese kit kat.  they aren’t exactly new.  they’ve been around for a while, but the level of newness and innovation amongst japanese kit kat is quite startling and admirable all at the same time.  i’m hoping that the new decade brings the same level of re-invention and creativity. . .

i hold k and g responsible for my japanese kit kat obsession.  we’ve been googling the web in search of the most bizarre kit kat flavors of all time.  so of course, when i found myself in tokyo i had to actually get my hands on some samples.  (purely for research purposes as they say).  i found myself buying every possible flavor of kit kat in the AMPM convenience store as well as the narita airport.  must say that the variety at the airport is quite fantastic.

i came back with the following flavours:

  • matcha
  • royal milk tea
  • strawberry
  • soy sauce
  • wasabi
  • cherry blossom tea coffee, actually
  • ginger ale

there were quite a few more flavours that i didn’t buy because i ran out of room in my carry-0n (especially with the new FSA rules for international flights bound for the US), and there were a few varieties (like cappuccino and mango) that i wanted to buy but couldn’t find. i have yet to break open the packages.  they’re so lovely to look at, and sometimes the possibility of how they might taste is more fascinating than how they actually do taste.  i think i’ll stare at my stash for a few more days before breaking open the packaging. dum dee dum. . .

2 responses to “japanese kit kat

  1. tomato – i am also obsessed with japanese kit kat! i am working on a savory version with a malaysian edge! xoxo

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