red velvet roll cake

tested out flo’s red velvet roll cake recipe over the weekend.  i’ve never seen a red velvet cake made into a roll before.  am rather curious why roll cakes haven’t caught on in all those homey NYC bakeries.  they seem to be easier to make, slice and store than layer cakes. i guess roll cakes just haven’t hit the americana big leagues yet?

the cake turned out to be smooth and tender.  i tweaked the filling a bit, swapping out the white chocolate for a bit extra cream cheese.  the raspberries are a must; they are surprising and add a pleasant fruity note to the cake.

some baking notes for next time…would definitely recommend:

(1) letting the cream cheese come to room temperature before spreading it onto the cake, if you’re making the filling in advance.  if the cream cheese filling is too hard, it doesn’t spread easily and will tear into the surface layer of the cake and get mixed up with the white cream filling.

(2) using fresh raspberries rather than frozen.


2 responses to “red velvet roll cake

  1. Wow! These look fantastic! I have never seen a red-vel roll cake before either. Leave it to Flo to come up with wonderfully original take on a classic cake. Interesting about the raspberries. I am adding this one to my list of baking next week. Hope they turn out as beautiful as yours. BTW–love the lobster print (tray?) these are on! Cheers, Nina

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