earl grey and azuki swirl bread loaf

earl grey azuki swirl loaf

earl grey azuki swirl loaf

being curious about what earl grey and azuki would taste like in bread form, i made a swirl loaf combining the two flavours.  the colors of the two doughs were fairly close together, and hence the swirl is rather subtle.  i suppose i could have added a hint of food colouring to make the two flavors more distinctive, but i was focused on taste rather appearance in this iteration.

taste wise, earl grey comes out cleanly and strongly in this bread.  after a bite, my first thought was, “my my, it really does taste like earl grey!”  it’s a bit like having your toast and cup of tea all at once.  the red bean flavour comes across more subtly like a cup of chai that serves as a foil to the piquant aroma of the earl grey.

i think i may have stumbled upon one of the true pleasures of home baking — the ability to churn out non-mainstream flavour combinations!

i made this bread by making two hokkaido milk loaf doughs and blending in the respective flavourings. (yes, i have a ton of bread sitting in the freezer).

  • for the earl grey dough:  bring the milk in the recipe to a boil, and then steep 1 tbsp of loose earl grey tea in the milk.  allow the milk to cool down until it’s just warm to the touch.  then use a strainer to remove the tea leaves.  you can then add the yeast to the milk to activate it.  i also ground up some additional earl grey tea leaves in a spice grinder and added about 1-2 tsp of the earl grey powder into the dough with the flour.
  • for the azuki dough: i added in a 1/2 cup of azuki paste when i added in the cream.

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