our wedding cake. . . one year later

IMG_2370 we celebrated our first anniversary last night by unwrapping the top of our wedding cake that had been sitting in the freezer for the past 365 days.  not knowing what to expect, i was delightfully surprised that the cake remained well…um intact with fondant calla lilies and all. the cake itself, was a chocolate mousse cake.  surprisingly it tasted fantastic, especially after having sat around for a year! i did notice, however, that the reason it tasted so good probably had to do with the inch thick layer of buttercream and fondant serving as a sugary and blubbery insulation for the chocolate mousse layer cake inside. in terms of longevity, i think this cake may have been designed to even outlast the twinkie!


2 responses to “our wedding cake. . . one year later

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

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