rose ganache chocolates

rose ganache filled chocolates

rose ganache filled chocolates made by the world's worst chocolate maker

i am the very worst chocolate maker in existence.  i make a huge mess.  i don’t always temper my chocolate properly such that it’s sometimes impossible to get it out of the mold without a lot of banging. i don’t work quickly enough, causing my chocolate to partially set before i can swish it around the mold.  i over fill my chocolates with too much ganache.  did i say that i make a huge mess? i’m finding chocolate in places of my kitchen that i didn’t know chocolate could go.

on the flip side, my very encouraging friend Y likes to tell me that i’m the worst chocolate maker amongst those people who actually know how to make chocolate.  she’s very encouraging.

the beauty of the chocolate making process is that the end product (assuming i haven’t messed it up too much) often hides a multitude of sins.  and once the ooey gooey-ness melts in your mouth with the fragrance of rose, who’s thinking about the mess?

4 responses to “rose ganache chocolates

  1. tomato – i snuck into G’s fridge and managed to sample one. sedap as we say in malay.

  2. hehe, i’m very encouraging indeed…
    finally escaped China’s firewall, (having wordpress in the name is just asking to be banned), and can reply to your blog

  3. Well, they certainly look delicious! Maybe you could ask Kee or Rachel, of Kee’s and Bespoke Chocolates respectively, for some lessons?!

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