mmmmmm matcha cheesecake

mmmmmmm cheesecake!

mmmmmmm cheesecake!

My friend Y, aka global partner in crime, is in town.  She flew in all the way from Shanghai with an inkling for cheesecake.  She also likes matcha a lot and has managed to consume a rather respectable amount of green tea themed desserts over the years, only of course to be surpassed by my very gluttonous self. Tee hee!

So I thought, why not combine the two and make her a green tea cheesecake.  I used Dorie Greenspan’s recipe found here ( and added in 4 tbsp of matcha powder. The straight-up version of Dorie’s cheesecake is quite creamy, and I think the matcha adds a subtle taste to help cut down on the creaminess.  I might also add a touch of lemon to intensify the tanginess in a future iteration, or I might even match the matcha with a less creamy cheesecake version. Or maybe I’ll make a hojicha version with this creamy cheesecake as it has a stronger flavour intensity.  The possibilities are quite thrilling!

Some other baking notes:

The top of the cake browns very nicely but does end up tasting a wee bit bitter. Personally, I like the contrast against the creaminess of the cake.  If you want a less browned top, I’d suggest turning down the heat after the 1st hour of baking.

The cake also puffs up considerably during baking, but don’t be alarmed!  It settles down back into the pan after cooling.

For greater ease of transfer to a cardboard cake board, I’d suggest adding a piece of parchment paper to the bottom of the pan, rather than just buttering it.


4 responses to “mmmmmm matcha cheesecake

  1. tomato – did your friend Y like this cheesecake? is there a version of lactose intolerant cheesecake out there? unfortunately, my dear sister, jelita, suffers from this malady. but Allah is fair, as she is the fairer of us two.

  2. intan – i think she enjoyed it but being lactose intolerant can only eat a few bites. tomato

  3. Ok, I ate like one piece and I think the dog finished the rest (don’t mistake me, it was great, but I wasn’t as fast as the dog)

  4. This was the most delicious cheesecake! Perfect. Not too sweet or too heavy. It melted on my tongue! I am one of her biggest fans.

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